Maker & Community Market | 3 December 23

Ellie Alker Creations | Kellie Chalker

I up-cycle old kitchen utensils and chopping boards/ trays making them into jewellery , hair accessories or adding resin to give the item a new lease on life as a serving board.

Be My Guest | Laura Guest

Offering Guidance through Readings
Mediumship | Psychic | Tea Leaf | Finding Lost Items | Oracle Card

Pre – Book a Reading & Enter Draw to Win $20 Voucher

 *Offering Discounted Prices

Jars Because | Debra Kirk

Unique upcycled glassware. We use a decoupage technique to create jars, vases, toothbrush holders, candle holders from used glassware and coffee jars.

Kerith Holmes Design

I recycle/upcycle jeans, business shirts and old bags, blockprint the denim; and create bags, purses, cushions, tablemats and aprons. Everything is done by me in my home studio and I am aiming towards a zero waste business.

Pauline Constantine

I create Christmas crafts including handmade earrings and tree decorations, Christmas stockings and pot holders. Bags of Christmas treats – home made rumballs, coconut ice, gingerbread men and secret recipe Scottish shortbread.
Handmade paper velvet cover journals and gifts for white witches

Rachel’s Krafty Gifts & Crystal Temptations

I Just love to make things from knitting, cross stitch, quitting &sweing. I also love to come up with new things.

Second Time Design | Al Clelland

We create Timber cutting boards- tables- tv units

Sukha Art Wellness | Tam Jones

Beautiful face and body painting designs – custom designs welcome.

Tam is a local artist, art teacher, musician and massage therapist

Sweet Sage Farm | Fee Sanders

We create Hydro Vessels and Propagation Stations using reclaimed timber. We also have our ‘From the Kitchen’ range which includes chutneys, relishes, sauces and jams

TBH Studio | Toni Louise, Brittany Wallmeyer & Holly Would

TBH Studio was formed by three co-founders, together they form the TBH in TBH Studio.

Toni Louise | Artist. Art Handler. All-round weirdo.
Every day, my creative practice takes on a new form. Some days, I’m on a mission to challenge and disrupt patriarchal ideologies. Other days, I let my emotions guide me, whether it’s anger, happiness, sadness, or pure playfulness. My art is a reflection of my ever-changing moods and perspectives.

I love to experiment with mixed media, combining collage and printmaking techniques to create unique and dynamic pieces. But my passion for sustainability is what truly drives me. I’m always on the lookout for discarded and unwanted materials to repurpose in my art. That’s why collage is such a vital part of my creative process – it allows me to give new life to old materials and create something beautiful out of what others might consider trash.

Brittany Wallmeyer
Mass media has created an unrealistic standard for women; from the way they act, look and perceive themselves. My art aims to challenge this narrative, encouraging female empowerment. Using collage and digital media techniques to distort images, I create a new sense of beauty that challenges society’s standards.

Holly Would
I see my work as being directly reflective of my own lived experiences. The quality of authenticity I demand from myself is the same in my life as it is in my creative practice. I employ a multidisciplinary approach, and in selecting the medium, I let the message I am trying to convey guide me. The raw and unapologetic nature of my work is a visual response to injustice. It plays an essential role in my mission to claim space in a world that often tries to silence us.

Letita Yates

Letitia Yates

Letitia is most known for her donut paintings. She will have a range of prints, cards and artworks available. Letitia will be exhibiting with TBH Studio.

The Blooming Cat | Sarah Mischker

Drawing on personal experiences and memory, I strive to create questions and cause reflections in my work as a multidisciplinary artist. Working with ceramics, painting, printmaking, drawing, and digital components such as animation and soundscapes, I particularly enjoy creating installations from these mediums with the aim of making something that the viewer can walk into and experience. 

Local artist selling original paintings, drawings, ceramics and prints as well as cards and digital prints.

WBG Designs | Stacey Price

WBG Designs was created in December 2022 by William and Brody. Best mates who love creating crafty things.

Both boys were 12 years old at the time and both boys received the Barefoot Investor book for Christmas.

William and Brody nutted out things they could make, stocked up on supplies, came up with their business name (based around the first initial of their first names, and both boys last names begin with the letter G), created their own logo, booked a stall at the local market and…..BOOM – WBG Designs was born.

They love to experiment with new designs, different mediums, different colors and font combinations – to see what they can create

Cards, keyrings, lanyards, coffee tumblers / drink tumblers, mugs, name tiles, Mother’s Day gifts, Teacher gifts, corporate gifts, wedding hampers, wedding / event signage – limited only by their imagination.

Coffee Will Travel

Coffee Will Travel will meet your cafine needs.

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