Arts & Cultural Activities

Why we support arts & cultural activities

In the 1800s Mechanics’s Institutes mainly referred to tradesmen who ‘worked with their hands’ and who were the original audience for the institutes and their technical and mechanical books and classes, sharing what they called ‘useful knowledge’.

Mechanics’ Institutes were independent organisations that offered subscription library and learning services to communities before formal schooling and libraries run by governments. They also became important local meeting places for social events and cultural happenings.

At the BMI we continue to follow this tradition by continuing to offer up such activities to our members and our local community. We hope you have to opportunity to support our artists and and the volunteers that help with the delivery of these programs.

Image: Workshop on Painting Basics with Geoff Roderick.

4 x orange fruit painted onto paper, paint brush and water cup for brush rinsing
Current activities

Community Arts & Culture Projects

If you are an artist or creative and have ideas or suggestions for Community Arts Projects  then we would like to hear from you.


Spring Book Sale

Image: above Clem Onojeghuo Saturday 7  & Sunday 8 October, ...

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