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Did you know that in 2010 the Ballaarat
Mechanics’ Institute received recognition from UNESCO?

It was in the form of a Honourable Mention in the UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation.

This was to recognise the major renovations to the building that took place in that period, and names Ballarat Mechanics’ Institute and Heritage Victoria as the Institutions responsible for the project.

Wendy Jacobs is named as Architect and Heritage Consultant, Morton Dunn Architects as Designers, and McLeod Consulting as consultants.

The General Contractor was S J Weir (Ballarat) Pty Ltd.

The endorsement reads:-

“The refurbishment of  the former Ballarat  Mechanics’ Institute has restored the iconic landmark of the 19th century gold mining town and showcases a significant chapter of Australia’s heritage.

The highlight of the project is the restoration of the street facade, which demonstrates strong technical prowess and reinforces the coherence of the historic urban landscape. The interior works, including new services such as the lift, were undertaken with an eye to authenticity and reversibility, by minimising the impact of new intervention and retaining the original elements to the extent possible. The project demonstrates exceptional public-private commitment to ensuring the on-going accessibility and continuity of the Institute’s historical, architectural and social significance for townspeople and visitors alike. “

UNESCO 2010 | Honourable Mention

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