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Newspaper Collection

The BMI has a collection of nearly 80,000 newspapers that have been acquired from the time the Institute commenced in Ballarat. It has 1586 volumes archived - containing at least one month of issues in each volume.

Please note, access to newspapers is currently limited due to ongoing conservation works in the BMI basement. We thank everyone for their patience.

The newspapers that currently remain unavailable are:

Couriers June 1910 to current, and

The Argus post 1860.

All others can be requested through the library. We are working to get things accessible again soon.

Please check back for updates.

Government records include:
Official year book of the Commonwealth of Australia l90l-1969
Proceedings of Parliament 1861-1862
Victorian Government Gazette 1856- 1969
Victorian Papers presented to both Houses 1857-1858
Victorian Papers presenled by Command 1856- l9l5
Victorian Parliamentary Debates 1866- 1964
Victorian Votes and Proceedings of the Legislative Assembly 1855-1878
Victorian Hansard 1856- 1865
Victorian Year Book 1877-1975
Western Australian Parliamentary Debates 1877

Newspapers Archives
Ballarat Courier 1861-2004 (all issues, on-going)
Ballarat Star 1857-1924
Melbourne Argus 1853-1949
Ballarat Times 1856-1861
Ballarat Weekty Times 1857- 1858
Ballarat Stock & Station Journal 19l3-1965
Australasian 1864- 1905
Bell’s Life 1860-1865
Port Phillip Herald 1845
Ballarat Evening Post 1873-1892
Ballarat Evening Echo 1895-1923
Ballarat Evening Mail 1870-l872


Newspapers in the Reference Collection
Moore’s Rural New Yorker 1862
The Queen Ladies Newspaper 1895
The Field Gentlemans newspaper 1877- 1878
The Home News for Australia 1864-1870
Atlantic Monthly 1882-1888
Revue des Deux Mondes 1862-1875
The lllustrated Sporting & Dramatic News 1870- 1882
The Nation Review 1970-1972
Illustrated London News 1842-1979
*Buninyong & Creswick Advertiser 1854
*London Gazette 1768
*The English & Chinese Advertiser 1857
*The Sphere 1953

*Denotes reproduction issues. Please note some date ranges may not include all issues within the range.

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