Graeme Hood

Twilight Talks | Graeme Hood

Twilight Talks: Meet Graeme Hood | Certainly at home behind a BBQ, but he is an amateur astronomer who first turned to the skies as a young boy in 1957 to observe the Sputnik spacecraft. He has maintained a lifelong interest in the planetary area of Astronomy simply because he wanted to get answers to some of the questions of space in his own lifetime”. Hence his interest in the planetary missions.

Come along and hear what he has to say about life on Mars. He will explore the basic questions of the possibility of human life existing, either in the past, present or future on the planet Mars and its suitability for future human endeavours. There are 3 missions on Mars today and we will see some incredible data, visuals and sounds from this planet.
Twilight Talks, five sessions 8 February – 8 March at 5.30pm. Five great sessions all absolutely FREE thanks to the Community Bank Buninyong. Wednesdays 8 Feb – 8 March @5:30pm Bookings Essential.

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