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Look Back on Languor: The memoir of a ‘hurkle-durkle Australian male by Frank Hurley

Rosemary’s Book of the Week

30 years till retiring in 2013. He was then BMI Patron for a further five years. He served numerous terms as President and as Secretary. He played a leading role in the restoration and revitalisation of the BMI in the ten or so years from 2000.
In other spheres, Frank was deeply involved, as a senior academic for 25 years, in the evolution of the University of Ballarat (now Federation University) and in the establishment of the University’s Arts Academy city campus in the complex of former government buildings on Camp/Lydiard Streets.
Frank lived some of his boyhood years in Howitt St, Wendouree. He attended St. Columba’s Primary School and St Patrick’s College before moving to Melbourne in 1952. With his wife Helen and their four daughters, he returned for a “second coming in Ballarat”, as his memoir terms it, in 1974. Over the 40 years since, he has been a prominent participant in social, political, cultural and educational affairs as a media commentator, writer, speaker and member of a wide range of committees and organisations.
With insight, candour and wit, in this memoir Frank recounts and reflects on his experiences, his beliefs, values and the changing times of his life.
Frank reckons that the old Scots phrase “hurkle durkle”, meaning “to lie in bed, or lounge, long after it is time to get up” sums him up well.
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Look Back on Langour: The memoir of a 'hurkle-durkle' Australilan male | Frank Hurley

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