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Rosemary’s Book of the Week | 25 April 22

Under a Venice Moon by Margaret Cameron

After a fortuitous invite from a close friend, a week in Venice ignites Margaret Cameron’s interest in the private city behind the tourist façade and the obscure tales from its history. Tantalised by stories of this lesser-known Venice she returns the following August for a month-long stay, determined to uncover the Venice of the Venetians.

Stepping out from her comfort zone, Margaret finds that friendships unexpected and spontaneous – blossom within palazzi walls, and she makes a significant discovery: life can lead you along rewarding paths if you let it.

As each day passes, her time in Venice becomes more than just an interlude; soon, the floating city feels like home. Could she leave her satisfying life in Perth and start anew in Venice? The question becomes urgent when romance waits where she least expected to find it.

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Under a Venice Moon | Margaret Cameron

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Looking up Sturt Street, c.1938 | MH1359

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