Rosemary’s Book of the Week | 14 March 2023

The Welsh Linnet by A. J. Lyndon

Rosemary’s Book of the Week

England in the year 1642. Civil War is brewing between King Charles 1 and his Puritan Parliament. For brothers Will and Harry Lucie, life as officers in the King’s cavalry promises excitement and adventure.  But there is danger and suffering ahead for the brothers and their sisters Bess.  Fortunes of war throw Harry together with grieving widower Gabriel who seeks only escape and oblivion.  None of their lives will ever be the same again.


From the slaughter of Edgehill to the defence of doomed fortress Basing House, the story of dishonour and betrayal plays out against the backdrop of “this war without an enemie”.

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The Welsh Linnet | A. J. Lyndon

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