Rosemary’s Book of the Week | 13 September

We Were Not Men by Campbell Mattinson
Love for nine year-year-old twins Jon and Eden Hardacre is simple. Their Mum, the creek that they swim in, each other- this is love that they trust, love as clear and pure as sunlight, as honey, as water. But then there’s a terrible accident. And in its wake, they develop a desperation- a yearning- to outgrow tragedy. They get older, compete with each other, fall in love with the same girl, and begin to realise that their lives – and who they love- demand something more. Something deeper. Richer.
Heart-hammering original, intense and deeply moving, We Were Not Men is a powerhouse novel about all the various faces that love shows us and how sometimes, distracted by life, ambition or attraction, we take it for granted until it’s too late – or almost too late. An unforgettable novel about the difference between getting older and growing up, from an astonishing new and original voice, pulsing with grief, hope and love.
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