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The Hooper Room

The Hooper Room is an ideal meeting/training room for up to 50 people, or as a medium sized exhibition space. Utilised by businesses for consultation, this space is only a 5 minute walk from many professional business locations.
Located on the ground floor of the BMI it includes the use of a small kitchenette and bathroom adjacent to the main space.
Projection facilities, whiteboard and Wi-Fi access available.

Who was Mr Hooper?

The Hooper Room is named after Stan Hooper, BMI Secretary 1962-91 who was, at the same time Secretary of the Royal South Street Society. It has had many uses over the years. Originally a classroom, in the early 20th century it was known as the Smoking Room or the “Smokery”. Many chess tournaments were played here. In the 1990s, through the assistance of Dr Frank Hurley the University of Ballarat (now Federation University) leased the room and it was known as the University Room. It was named the Hooper Room in 2000 and was occupied by the Royal South Street Society from 2005-12. It has been tastefully refurbished and is used by a number of external organisations.

Room Hire Rates

Quoted rates are inclusive of GST. Prices are subject to change. Surcharges, as shown below, may apply for events held on weekends, public holidays and outside Institute opening hours on weekdays. Discount rates may be available for extended term bookings or, by negotiation, claims for special consideration.

The minimum hire of any facility is 2 hours.

Room Hourly: $55
Daily (7hrs+): $385 (plus cleaning and out of hours opening)
Admin and Cleaning: $25 (event dependent)
Room Setup: Event dependant
Out of Hours Opening: $30 (if pre-arranged)
Refundable Bond: $175

Conditions of Hire –

See also Conditions of Hire for more details and requirements.

Room Hire Rates –

See full detail of Room Hire Rates 

Calendar Availability

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Venue & Facilities Coordinator

P: 0419 677 713
E: venue@ballaratmi.org.au