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Our Library | New Releases June


Before You Knew My Name |  Jacqueline Bublitz
The Wicked Sister | Karen Dionne
Her Dark Lies |  J. T. Ellison
Fadeaway Girl | Martha Grimes
Sooley | John Grisham
Left you Dead | Peter James
The Night Gate | Peter May
The Bone Code | Kathy Reichs


Half Life | Jillian Cantor
The Ripping Tree | Nikki Gemmell
The Warsaw Orphan | Kelly Rimmer
The Secret Path | Karen Swan


The Emporium of Imagination | Tabitha Bird
O | Steven Carroll


Other Women | Cathy Kelly
The Jam Queens | Josephine Moon
You Need to Know | Nicola Moriarty
Three Weddings and a Proposal  |Sheila O’Flanagan


Wild At Heart | Alienor le Gouvello
Barrenjoey Road | Neil Mercer & Ruby Jones

Psycholgial Thriller

The Whispers | Heidi Perks

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