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Ballaarat Mechanics’ Institute and Small Space Music, in association with Creative Victoria,  present their third season of contemporary jazz, world music and new sounds featuring some of Australia’s finest performers. Enjoy a night of intimate music in the historic Humffray Room.

Room Humffray
Concert Time: 7.30pm
Doors open: 7.00pm
Booking: Try Bookings (See Below)

Saturday October 19th 2019

Mary Doumany

Mary Doumany is a Victorian-based composer, harpist, singer, and lyricist, considered to be Australia’s most accomplished Jazz harpists. In her solo performances, she combines voice and harp in her unique renditions of both original works and jazz standards.

Her music, particularly her harp and her vocal works, have been performed and recorded extensively. Her compositions have appeared on  ABC releases, and her work features on Australian and international film soundtracks, among them, “Shine’ and “The Truman Show”.

Doumany has worked in multiple genres collaborating with Slava Grigoryan, Paul Grabowsky and David Jones among others. Her eclecticism is reflected in her recent compositions “The Butterfly and the Phoenix”, “Portraits of Four Australian Women” – written for guitarist Karin Schaupp, works for Alice Giles’ Seven Harp Ensemble and collaborations with soundartists Ross Bandt and James Hullick. She travels regularly to Europe and Tokyo to perform original music.

Mary Doumany harp

Cheryl Durongpisitkul Group

Saxophonist and composer, Cheryl Durongpisitkul, has been playing and writing music across Australia over the last 10 years. Her music bounces across genres, wiggling and worming its way around and has trouble staying in one place. Her melodies sweep through time and space and layer themselves dreamily yet thickly like a vibrant Monet painting.

As a saxophonist she moves effortlessly between worlds, playing with the Australian Art Orchestra one day and on Triple J’s Like A Version the next. She has studied with world renowned artists such as Vijay Iyer, Esperanza Spalding, Ravi Coltrane, and Wadada Leo Smith.


Cheryl Durongpisitkul – Woodwinds
Reuben Lewis – Trumpet
Josh Bennier – Trombone
Marcos Villalta – Guitar
Stella Anning – Guitar
Harry Cook – Piano
Stephen Hornby – Upright Bass
Leo Kavanagh – Drum Kit

$20, $15 concession / BMI Members
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Saturday November 30th 2019

Entretango Duo

Entretango Duo Both from Argentina, Elian Sellanes (piano) and Elena Gonzalez (vocals) bring the flavours, passion and landscapes of their homeland straight to Melbourne. Performing a selected repertoire of Tangos and contemporary Folk music they create a perfect atmosphere not only for Tango lovers but for all music lovers.


Panorama Brasil with Dany Maia

Panorama Brasil perform music from across Brazil, as well as Australian compositions influenced by Brazilian music. They are joined by Dany Maia, a multi-talented performer with an irrepressible stage presence, Dany Maia embodies the true spirit of Brazil.


Friday 31 January 2020

Jon Delaney Gypsy Jazz guitar duo plus Fun Fun Fun – plays the music of the Beach Boys

Jon Delaney Gypsy Jazz guitar duo
Jon Delaney is a guitarist living and working in Melbourne, Australia, playing mostly in the Jazz Manouche style of the legendary Django Reinhardt.
Jon Delaney

Fun Fun Fun-plays the music of the Beach Boys

This new Melbourne group takes some of the most well-loved pop songs of the ’60s and celebrates a musical genius. Always a pop legend, Brian Wilson was also very influenced by the jazz sounds around him and created a sound never heard before. In this tradition “Fun Fun Fun” create new versions of these pop classics to create a Melbourne take on that “surf sound”

The group features two of this city’s finest guitarists in Jon Delaney and Fran Swinn with rhythm section buddies Tom Lee and Ronny Ferella keeping it solid. Vocalist Josh Kyle captures the essence of this music in his sometimes haunting, sometimes playful delivery. One of this country’s major singing talents. “Standing out in a town full of singers” Jazzwise magazine (London).

Josh Kyle voice
Jon Delaney & Fran Swinn guitars
Tom Lee bass
Ronny Ferella drums

Fun Fun Fun Surfer Girl


Friday 27th March 2020

Omelette + Antelodic

Omelette is an ensemble of longtime collaborators making a deeply personal, eclectic and very Melbourne type of music.
“…charms with its warmth and bursts of stunning originality” John Shand
The music of Omelette pivots between written and improvised music-making.  The written serves to suggest a direction, feeling or colour, the improvised to see this idea and sound to the next one and so on.  There is no expectation but to listen and trust.  “We like the music to dance and sing.  We hear it as our folk music, made in the moment.”  Although influenced by all the music we listen to there is a nod to the folk music traditions of East and West Africa, Persia and Cuba, Miles Davis, Tony Allen, Ornette Coleman, Johnny Cash, Morton Feldman, Jimi Hendrix, Kendrick Lamar, Fela Kuti, Little Richard, Aretha Franklin, ……………… you get the picture.

Jordan Murray trombone
Stephen Magnusson guitar
Javier Fredes percussion
Ronny Ferella drums

Antelodic is an instrumental trio formed in 2012 by members of Melbourne contemporary jazz ensemble cleverhorse. Antelodichave developed a truly unique sound that spans chamber jazz and contemporary classical.

The band draws equally on the jazz aesthetic of Jimmy Giuffre, the singer-songwriter tradition of Joni Mitchell, the deep soul of Krystle Warren, the atmospheric impressionism of Debussy, the folk stylings of Lau and the experimental sonic journeys of Bill Frisell.

Gentle, optimistic, lyrical and engaging.

“There is a translucency to these compositions that is quite mesmerising. Monty Mackenzie and Gideon Brazil seemed to revel in the technical and tonal demands required to achieve the subtlety and grace demanded by Robbie Melville’s compositions” – Paul Simmons

Robbie Melville guitar
Gideon Brazil tenor sax
Monty Mackenzie alto sax


Saturday 24th August 2019

Michelle Nicolle New Quintet

Michelle Nicolle is undoubtedly one of the most talented, creative and original jazz voices this country has ever produced.

Three of Australia’s most unique jazz voices get together to create a new ensemble of stunning virtuosity, Michelle debuts her new Quintet which features guitarist Stephen Magnusson and pianist Luke Howard. Showcasing new arrangements but always digging deep into the world of jazz this group will be a highlight of the BMI series.

Michelle Nicolle voice
Stephen Magnusson guitar
Luke Howard piano
Tom Lee bass
Ronny Ferella drums