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Pre 1800 Articles

Articles & Books Published Before 1800

The books shown on this page may be also listed in other categories, but are listed here to highlight the depth of the reference collection of the Ballarat Mechanics’ Institute.There are a total of about 610 books still in the collection that were published before the Institute library was opened in 1859.

These materials are now held in the Heritage Collection located in the Heritage Reading Room at the BMI.

1586 – CAMDEN, William  (Britannia – Latin)

A topographical and historical survey of all of medieval Great Britain and Ireland.

1657 – AMBROSE

The doctrine and directions : but more especially the practice and behaviour of a man in the act of the new birth/ Media : the middle things / Ultima: the last things / Redeeming the time: a sermon preached at Preston in Lancashire, January 4 1657, at the funeral of the honourable lady, the Lady Margaret Houghton.

1658 – BROWN, Thomas

Pseudodoxia epidemica: or enquiries into very many received tenents, and commonly presumed truths.

1668 – The Grand hippomene



Comoediae sex – Literature


Histoire des croisades: pour la deliverance de la Terre Sainte [History of the crusades: for the deliverance of the Holy Land].

1698 – LUDLOW

Memoirs of Edward Ludlow: lieutenant general of the horse, commander in chief of the forces in Ireland, one of the council of state, and a member of the parliament which began on November 3, 1640.

1704 – FRITZ-HERBERT, Anthony

The new Natura Brevium of the most Reverend Judge, corrected and Revised where unto are added the Authorities in Law, and some other Cases and Notes collected by the translator out of the Year-Books and Abridgments. with a New and Exact Table of the most material things contained therein.


The present state of Europe: or the historical and political monthly mercury vol. 19.

1716 – MORERI

Supplement aux anciennes editions du grand dictionaire historique – History.

1718 – FARQUHAR, George

The comedies of Mr. George Farquhar.

1727 – COOPER, Anthony Ashley, [Earl of Shaftesbury]

Characteristicks of men, manners, opinions, times (3vol.).

1740 – ASTRUCO

The venereal disease. (2 vol.).

1741 – COLLINS, Arthur

The Peerage of England; containing a genealogical and historical account of all the peers of England now existing, either by tenure, summons, or creation; … (3vol.).

1748 – ANSON, George

A voyage round the world in the years MDCCXL, I, II, III, IV.

1749 – BAILEY, N

An universal etymological English dictionary.

1751 – ORRERY, Earl of

The Letters of Pliny the Younger (vol.1).

1753 – BART, Archibald Alison

History of Europe from the French Revolution. (12 vol.).

1757 – HUXHAM, John

An essay on fevers: To which is now added, a dissertation on the malignant, ulcerous sore-throat.

1759 – EDWARD, Earl of Clarendon

The Life of Edward Earl of Clarendon (3 vol.).

1761 – ADDISON, Joseph

The free-holder or political essays.

1761 – BOCCACCI, Giovanni

Del decamerone [The decameron] (2 vol.).

1764 – DE BUFFON, M. and DAUBENTON, M.

Histoire naturelle (carniverous).

1766 – DE BUFFON, M. and DAUBENTON, M.

Histoire naturelle (herbivorous).

1768 – SWIFT, Jonathan

The works of Dr. John Swift, dean of St. Patrick’s, Dublin (vol.9).

1769 – GLOVER, Richard

Leonidas. A poem.

1769 – PRIOR, Matthew

Poems on several occasions (2 vol.).

1770 – BAILEY, Nathan

Ovid’s metamorphoses: in fifteen books: with arguments and notes of John Minellius translated into English.

1770 – SHENSTONE, William

The select works in verse and prose of William Shenstone.

1770 – WALLER, Edmund

Poems on several occasions.

1773 – OSSIAN

The poems of Ossian.

1779 – CAESAR, C. Julius

The commentaries of Caesar.


Novelists Magazine (20 vol.).

1782 – SMOLLETT, T

The history and adventures of the renowned Don Quixote. (vol.8).

1784 – VOLTAIRE [Arouet, Francois Marie]

Memoirs of the Life of Voltaire – written by himself [translated from the French].

1786 – Harrison’s Sacred Classics Volume 2

Containing The Pilgrims Progress, Nelsons Festivals and Fasts, and The Economy of Human Life.

1786 – HUMPHREYS, Samuel

Peruvian Tales, related in one thousand and one hours, by one of the select virgins of Cusco, to the YNCA of Peru. (vol.30).

1786 – MASON, W

The English Garden: A Poem in Four Books.

1786 – PALEY, William M.A.

Archdeacon of Carlisle. The principles of moral and political philosohpy.


The history of New Holland.

1787 – BURNS, Robert

Burn’s works.


The Voyage of Governor Phillip to Botany Bay; with an Account of the Establishment of the Colonies of Port Jackson & Norfolk Island compiled from Authentic Papers, which have been obtained from the several Departments, to which are added, the Journals of Lieut. Shortland, Watts, Balls, & Capt. Marshall with an account of their new discoveries.

1793 – HUNTER, John Esq.

An Historical Journal of the Transactions at Port Jackson and Norfolk Island, with the Discoveries which have been made in New South Wales and in the Southern Ocean, since the publication of Phillip’s Voyage, compiled from the Official Papers; including the Journals of Governors Phillip and King, and of Lieut. Ball; and the Voyages from the first Sailing to England in 1792.

1793 – Locke, John

An essay concerning Human understanding (vol.1).

1793 – TENCH, Watkin

Complete account of the settlement at Port Jackson in New South Wales.

1797 – BURN, Richard and John Burn

The Justice of the Peace, and Parish Officer (4 vol.).

1797 – CURTIS, William

The botanical magazine: or Flower-garden displayed.


A Missionary Voyage to the Southern Pacific Ocean, performed in the years 1796, 1797, 1798, in the Ship Duff, commanded by Captain James Wilson. Compiled from Journals of the officers and the missionaries; and illustrated with Maps, Charts, and Views, drawns by Mr William Wilson, and engraved by the most eminent artists. with a preliminary discourse on the Geography and History of the South Sea Islands; and an Appendix, including details never before published, of the natural and civil state of OtaHeite; by a committee appointed for the purpose by the directors of the Missionary Society.


The koran: commonly called the alkoran of Mohammed.

1800 – BISSET, Robert [LL.D.]

The Life of Edmund Burke. Comprehending an impartial account of his Literary and Political efforts, and a Sketch of the Conduct and Character of his most eminent associates, coadjutors, and opponents. (2vol.).

1800 – DARWIN, Erasmus [M.D., F.R.S.}

PHYTOLOGIA; or the Philosophy of Agriculture and Gardening with the theory of draining Morasses and with an improved construction of the drill plough.

1802 – COLLINS, David

An account of the English colony in New South Wales.