Enlivening our Present by Illuminating our Past


<Enlivening our Present by
Illuminating our Past>



<Enlivening our Present by
Illuminating our Past>



<Enlivening our Present by
Illuminating our Past>



<Enlivening our Present by
Illuminating our Past>




What advantage is there for me to register on this site?

Registration will allow us to contact you directly when particular events, films, talks etc are being held at the Institute.

What is the Dashboard and why does it tell me I don’t have permission to use it?

The Dashboard is currently available only to members with ‘author’ permission to write to the website. Permissions are constantly being reviewed.

I’ve forgotten my password and clicked on the “Lost Your Password” link but I haven’t received anything in my email.

Your email may not be working. Please contact the administrator through the “Contact-Us” Link under the “About-Us” top menu bar.

I’m looking for general information about the Library but all I can see on the menu is:”Fiction Search”

Click on “Library” on the menu bar itself. The items shown across the menu bar are all clickable. The dropdown boxes are items related to each main item.

What are the highlighted items shown on the calendar month in the left of each page?

The highlighted items are linkable and provide access to posts providing information about special events or happenings at the Institute.

I’m looking for information about my descendants in Ballarat and have placed his name in the Search field on the left of each page. However the return is always null. How do I obtain this information?

The Search field mentioned allows discovery of words or phrases used directly on the website. Most heritage information is held on the Institute database which can be found under the “Heritage” item on the top menu bar.

I’ve found an item in the heritage collection which I would like to access. How do I do that?

The Institute encourages all potential users of the Collection to become members, however we do allow a one-off access for $5.00. Please contact the Librarian for more details about access.

I have a problem which I can’t seem to resolve by looking at the information provided on this website. What do I do?

Please contact the administrator through the “Contact-Us” page under the “About-Us” menu item.

How can I become a member of the Institute?

Please fill out the Application Form on the Membership Page under the About-Us menu item.

What is RSS and what can I use it for?

The RSS link is located at the bottom left of each page. It stands for ‘Really Simple syndication’ and is used to publish frequently updated works – such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video—in a standardised format. Firefox and Internet Explorer will provide a listing of recent activities on the website when the orange link is clicked on. Unfortunately Google Chrome has no native RSS reader function but will accept a plugin to do that.

RSS is a simple way of keeping up with the latest news of the Institute by inserting the link on the browser header.

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