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Social Media Just Got Easier

Bring in your smart phone and  let's start posting! Photo credit: Jason Howie, Creative Commons, Flickr. We'll teach you how to blog too! Photo credit: Christian Schnettelker, Creative Common,s, Flickr. Connect with

When you hear the term “social media”, does it conjure up the image of teenagers taking “selfies” in this internet era that celebrates narcissism?

Or maybe you have only heard of Instagram or Pinterest, and want to know your “tweets” and “pins” from your “hashtags”.

Well I’d like to demystify the misconceptions about social media, because there is plenty you can do without taking a selfie! Social media is fantastic for making your internet experience customised to exactly how you want it.

On Saturday the 5th of September, Amy T and I will be hosting “An Introduction to Social Media” in the Hooper Room. There are two sessions available to attend, and each session runs for two hours.

Some things we will cover:

– A brief rundown and history of all the popular social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest), and how they could be useful to you.

– How to download apps on your phone.

– How to set up your personal accounts and stay connected with like-minded people and places.

– How to Tweet, “Insta”, “Pin” and Facebook post.

– A bit about privacy settings and privacy laws.

– Searching for things the most effective way.

– A bit about using Twitter for research and Twitter apps.

And if you are super keen to start your own blog… We can help you set up a WordPress.

You can expect to leave the tutorial:

– Having learned the basics of what social media is and does.

– With a social media instruction booklet to take home on the things we have covered.

– With a bunch of new Twitter followers!

These workshops are for beginners, but also suitable for those who have already set up things like Facebook and use it a little bit.

If you have any questions or requests on what you’d like to learn, please email me at roisinkellygoldsmith@gmail.com. I’d be delighted to hear from you!

Tickets: $20 can be purchased online here and in person at the Lending Library

Times: 10-12, and 12.30-2.30 (pick one only)

Place: The Hooper Room

Please bring:

– A short list of favourite or interesting public figures you would like to “follow” and interact with (such as authors, sportspeople, celebrities, politicians, etc).

– A good old-fashioned notebook and paper!

– A laptop/Ipad and smart phone if you have them (but it’s okay if you don’t, just let us know and we can work something out).

– Your username and passwords ready to login to if you are already signed up to any social media sites.

– An email address to sign in to.

All funds raised from the event will go towards buying an Ipad for the library for all BMI members to use when they visit. Keep in mind that places are very limited, so book as soon as you can. 

Roisin Kelly-Goldsmith